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TK Friday Enjoying a Sunny Morning

This has been the first summer that I have enjoyed since 2006. Most of the time, I’m busy doing children’s programs under fluorescent lights, or I’m on a tight schedule driving to different places. I do enjoy my work, however, it’s been a refreshing time to just relax and soak up some much needed vitamin D.


While I enjoy my time off, I have put some of it into my creative projects. I’ve completed a couple of middle grade novels, worked on my claymation characters and organized my space.

My characters Thomas and his chicken received new and improved eyes. I have almost completed my Minecraft characters for my book cover, Diary of A Candy Cane Skeleton due to be released in the fall of this year.

Glitch Witch
The Candy Cane Gang. I still have some minor touches to complete on my skeletons.

For me, the past four months have flown by and I have only touched a snowflake on the tip of the iceberg of projects I have left to do before returning to my amazing job! I will admit I have missed the children and their laughter. I look forward to returning when programs start again.

Stay tuned to learn more about my middle grade novels.

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April is Poetry Month


April is two and half months away. It’s the month that is dedicated to poetry. As I sit at Urban Ground concentrating on writing something for Valentine’s Day, all I can think about is April. Spring…poetry…warmth…my friend, the late Anthea Loran! I have many fond memories of Anthea. She was one of my most supportive friends when it came to writing, performing puppet shows or plays, art or entertainment of any type. She was a pillar of the Swift Current Community in many ways, and she drilled into me that April is Poetry Month.   Anthea love nature. She had a huge garden and tended to the walking path gardens in Swift Current, SK.

From the time I can remember, I’ve always had a love affair with the sky. I think it started around the time that I had re-occurring flying dreams. I was fascinated with the sky and with space. For some reason the pink in a sunset or sunrise has always made me feel homesick for something I couldn’t quite understand. The sunrises and sunsets had inspired some earlier poetry that I began writing in grade 12.

Recently, I’ve been plugging away at some new poems that aren’t spiritual like my earlier ones. I hope to finish a collection entire: An Affair with The Sky

A Star


A star;

Golden and bright

A backdrop of rose coloured light

Aqua sky

Sinking in the west

A skirt of darkness

And a peach vest

Wrapped about the heavens blessed.

Apricot Syrup


Apricot syrup drizzled on the horizon

Like Grandma’s jam on bannock—

Sweet and hot with raisins.

Golden honey spreading up, cutting dark gray clouds;

Reminds me of my Great Aunt from across the boarder;

Smuggling cases of Roger’s syrup in her motor home back across the line.

Corn bread yellow webs through a chokecherry aura;

Tantalizing my olfactory nerve to recall —

An experiment of bacon grease, and corn meal baked in a cast iron skillet in the over.

Eye of moon like curious children with faces close to the steaming glass.

Smothered in butter and eaten with each family meal.

A building looms in my camera’s line— a reminder of how cold this world can be;

Yet the warmth of a few friends is like a zillion drops of sunlight casting away dark clouds.


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Funky Flukey Fashion for the Everyday Artist

I have always had my own unique style. I’m not afraid to try different things. I am an artist and I believe the body is just another canvas.

The white jacket was bought from Wish.com, an online company that has multiple Asian and European shops. The sizing is completely different from North America and sometime the material is different than what we are used to but the style and designs are so me! The jacket has lace running through the shoulders and accents the cuffs on the sleeves. It is made of a light weight material so a warm sweater can be worn underneath or a nice, plain shirt. White is a neutral colour and will go with most dark, vibrant colours and some pastels. I avoid yellow just because it makes me appear washed out or jaundice looking.

For accents, I’m wearing a moonstone necklace and sparkly earrings. My make-up was professionally done but I don’t alway do that.

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Pixels.com contest

This contest inspires me. I’m asking all those that know me and all those that don’t to please vote for my pictures. I need 250 votes in order to be in the contest.

Newt on the Rocks

Apple blossoms and me

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This ‘Lil Soldier!

This ‘Lil soldier served in WWII – well the man whose photo I based this character off of, served.

I’m still working on his hands.

Many Métis and First Nation Canadians served in WWI, WWII and the Korean wars. The sad part is it took a long time for Canada to recognize these brave men because of their race. On top of not being recognized, most of these men had to put up with harassment and racism by fellow soldiers and were given the worst work such as collecting human remains and the badly wounded from the battle field. Many of these men came back traumatized by the horrors of war.

I honour all Canadian veterans, regardless of their race or colour. Without these brave citizens taken up arms, our country wouldn’t be where it is today.

My next soldier will be based on a photo of my great uncle who also served in WWII.

I’m also working on the Edward McKay’s trading post from Fort Walsh and Father Passan’s cave chapel in Lac Pelletier.

For my fans – please share this post and others to come. Don’t for get to use the hashtags – #SKarts and #TequilaFridayStudios.

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Why Tequila like the drink? Because people either pronounce my name wrong or misspell my name so I figured what the hey, I have one of the coolest names on the planet, why not rock it even if it’s spelled Tekeyla but pronounced like the Mexican drink.

What is Tequila Friday Studios? It’s the seedling for a much bigger picture that I hope to bring about for the well being of Saskatchewan arts, media, the Métis Nation, and myself.

 I work with claymation and thanks to the Saskatchewan Arts Board for the generous grant, and the support from amazing people like Barbara Reid (children’s author), Kim Houghtaling (Director and Curator of Art Gallery Of Swift Current) and the Chinook Regional Library, I can now plant the first seed of this big dream. 

Over this past year and heading into 2019, I am putting together twenty-four scenes based on my Métis heritage and the history of the Métis people in my area. This project is dear to my heart because my mom, Glenda (Dumont) Friday raised me to be proud of my culture. 

Curious to find out more? Find me on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or sign-up for an email newsletter on my website: http://www.tekeylafriday.com

Don’t forget get to spread the word about Tequila Friday Studios by using the #TequilaFridayStudios.

I wanted TF Studios but that was already taken.

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Work In Progress

It’s hard to believe that five months have gone by since my last blog post. Between working, health issues and creative projects, I haven’t had time to keep up with blogging.
Recap – I’ve done six plasticine backgrounds, put together the structure for the Edward Mackay’s trading post cabin and I have worked on the armatures which will be the bodies of my characters.
Back in December 2018, I fell on the ice which brought my health issues to a head in January 2019. I was rushed to Regina, Sk for an emergency thrombectomy. I had a large DVT (AKA blood clot) that started in my ankle and went all the way up to my belly button. I was pretty scared and asked for a lot of prayers from my friends and family. I spent nine days in hospital before I returned home.
The good news about being home, is I can pick away at my many creative projects. I spent one day writing plots in fancy journals, another day working on my plasticine ox, and another day on putting together other scenes. As my health improves, so does my creative stamina.
Eventually, I will write a post about Ghost Writing. Before I became seriously ill, I was enjoying the many assignments in which I was able to write novels for other people. I love to share my ideas. In the meantime, I’ll continue to work on my Claymation project.

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Project Anxiety

After two weeks of summer vacation, my anxiety has mounted. I wanted to get a long list of need-to-dos done. 1.) Finish ghost writing project. 2.) Make 30 armatures for my claymation project. 3.) Start backdrops. 4.) Research Metis in Fort Walsh and Lac Pelletier. 5.) Finish last five chapters of my own YA novel. 6.) Finish puppet request. 7.) Organize the downstairs so that I have a proper work space and green screen studio. 8.) Go through stuff from office. 9.) Catch up on paper work. 10.) Finish preserving fruit.

It seemed like a short, easy list to accomplish within twelve days. Gee, I was wrong.

What did I accomplish? Did historical research on Metis at Fort Walsh. Made 9 armatures. Finished the puppet. Partly organized downstairs and partly preserved the fruit. I still have a wedding this weekend and my ghost writing assignment is due tomorrow. Deep breathes!

In all this vacation chaos, I realized that two months off work may not help me accomplish what I need to get done with my huge green screen project. I’m going to need to pull a couple of late nights and extremely early morning…like 3 – 4 am early. This is why my anxiety is rising. I don’t function well without sleep. Blah! Sometimes we must suffer for our art and/or writing careers. I will keep taking deep breathes and trudge on until it’s done.

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Making Wire Amateurs

I’m sharing how to make a basic armature. #SKarts.

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Importance Of Family History

Our family history is full of stories that is hopefully passed down from generation to generation. But how many of us recall those stories and how many of us remember them? How many of those stories will be preserved for future generations?

I was out at Fort Walsh, SK looking for historical records on my family. They were some of the first people to have settled there after the Louis Riel and Dumont rebellion. It seemed that a large Metis/First Nations settlement happened in that area.

My cousins from Alberta joined me. It’s been awhile since I last visited Fort Walsh (2010).

The Park Rec. has made wonderful changes in rebuilding the Fort and historical points. I felt happy to see it bubbling with tourists and many different nationalities. My research hit a dead end since there wasn’t any archives available to go though. I have some leads of where to find the information.

On the drive back, I was thinking about how important it is to write down my own history so that descendants have some fact about my life. I encourage all who read this blog post to do the same, even if you think your life isn’t worth talking about, it will be worth hearing about to your descendants.

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