Project Anxiety

After two weeks of summer vacation, my anxiety has mounted. I wanted to get a long list of need-to-dos done. 1.) Finish ghost writing project. 2.) Make 30 armatures for my claymation project. 3.) Start backdrops. 4.) Research Metis in Fort Walsh and Lac Pelletier. 5.) Finish last five chapters of my own YA novel. 6.) Finish puppet request. 7.) Organize the downstairs so that I have a proper work space and green screen studio. 8.) Go through stuff from office. 9.) Catch up on paper work. 10.) Finish preserving fruit.

It seemed like a short, easy list to accomplish within twelve days. Gee, I was wrong.

What did I accomplish? Did historical research on Metis at Fort Walsh. Made 9 armatures. Finished the puppet. Partly organized downstairs and partly preserved the fruit. I still have a wedding this weekend and my ghost writing assignment is due tomorrow. Deep breathes!

In all this vacation chaos, I realized that two months off work may not help me accomplish what I need to get done with my huge green screen project. I’m going to need to pull a couple of late nights and extremely early morning…like 3 – 4 am early. This is why my anxiety is rising. I don’t function well without sleep. Blah! Sometimes we must suffer for our art and/or writing careers. I will keep taking deep breathes and trudge on until it’s done.

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