About Tekeyla Friday

Author Tekeyla Friday

Author Tekeyla Friday

Tekeyla Friday ex-Egyptian Goddess has put her pirating days behind in order to wrangle children’s programs and literacy events for the Chinook Regional Library. Okay, so Tekeyla was never really an ex-Egyptian Goddess or a pirate. But she does have an eccentric sense of humour and a big imagination that she needs in order to round-up preschoolers, write puppet scripts, children’s stories, juvenile novels, and young adult fiction. Tekeyla considers herself to be your average children’s programmer with a flair for fantasy. She was raised in Maple Creek before the dawn of advanced technology so had to use her inner television (a.k.a her imagination) for entertainment. Thanks to her grade 2 teacher, Roberta Coulter, Tekeyla developed the love of writing. Once she moved to Swift Current in 2005 she became a Prairie Quills Writers’ Group Member. Over the years, the Prairie Quills, Saskatchewan Writer’s Guild and the Institute of Children’s Literature fostered Tekeyla’s talent.

Her first picture book “Bothers: Powers Of The Archangel Michael” was published in May of 2014 by Balboa Press. Her first short stories were published in R.E.A.L. Canadian Kids Magazine. Tekeyla continues to work on word smithing and crafting entertaining stories. Her heart is at the centre of literacy. In her spare moments of her life she practices being a social media guru, assisting self-published authors with formatting and cover design of their books and builds websites.

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